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What do I Need to Know about living in Canada While Studies?

Living in Canada While Studies

Canada is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations today, and India is the country from where most students travel to Canada for higher education to achieve their goals. Are you a student who is considering studying in Canada after 12th or after receiving his or her degree? You can help the blog with the many different styles you have chosen for Canadian life. Here what you need to know about living in Canada while studies.

IELTS for Living in Canada

Living in Canada is good option for study as well as job. And IELTS helps a lot as French and English are the most extensively spoken tongue ​​in this country and have equal percentage. In some parts of Canada, you will only find people who speak only English; the eastern province of Quebec is one such region. And IELTS help you in conversation as well as visa and taking admission in Canadian university. So, for preparation you should only believe on IELTS coaching in Jaipur as they are best in their work.

Study in Canada

If we talk about Canada, it is the 2nd largest country in the world and it has the longest coastline and the longest international border. The country has two official languages, namely English and French, and is known for its natural beauty, scenic views, and maple syrup. The academic excellence of the best colleges and universities in Canada is known to all and the high quality lifestyle and low tuition fees compared to other top study abroad places make this country one of the best destination to study abroad for Indian students.

Things to know about studying and Living in Canada

Canada is Huge

This country is the largest country on the earth after Russia. The country surface area of this country is 9.9 million square kilometers or 3.8 million in square miles. We can estimate the range since the United Kingdom can add 40 times that of Canada! Due to its large size, the country is divided into ten “provinces” and three “regions” for better governance.

Canada is Freezing

Canada is known for its harsh climatic conditions. Winters are extremely cold in Canada. The temperature drops below -40 degrees in some areas. Also, students from warmer regions may find it difficult to live in the country. However, with the right clothes, things are quite manageable. Students are often exposed to these conditions, and the facilities provided by the Canadian government make it easy for students to tolerate all weather conditions.

Canada is Multicultural

Canada is known for its diversity. Students and families from all over the world have settled in the country and constitute a significant part of the population. As a result, of the multiculturalism, we are better able to work together and adapt to other nationalities. Also, enjoy the different events that are celebrated around the world. As a student going to study in Canada, you will surely reunite with your siblings from your native country and start to feel at home after a few days of living there.

Canada Has Two Official Languages

Canada is the country of two official languages. French and English are the most extensively spoken tongue ​​in this country and have equal status. In some parts of Canada, you will only find people who speak only French; the eastern province of Quebec is one such region.

Canada Has the Most Beautiful Landscapes

Canada’s natural beauty and magnificent landscapes are known around the world. If you’re someone who loves and admires the natural setting, you won’t get the most out of Canada. A large portion of the Canadian population lives within 100 miles of the US border. Also, there is plenty of room to explore the other side, which is the northern side of Canada, which is pure nature and has some of the most beautiful sights to see.

Health Care

Canada is known for its robust health care system and provides its residents with exceptional health care facilities. The country has Canada has a decentralized, universal, publicly funded healthcare system called Canadian Medicare. Canada has a provincial healthcare system that covers basic. Also, preventive medical services and emergency care, and eligible international students can use these services. Although most health care services are free, Canadians pay for them through their taxes.


If you live in a remote area of ​​Canada, living expenses and taxes are relatively low,. But taxes are high if you live in cities like Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. In Canada, income taxes are collected by the federal and provincial governments, and sales taxes vary from province to province, ranging from 5% in Alberta to 14.975% in the province of Quebec.

Driver’s License

Tests and exams you took in your home country may not be valid in Canada, so they may need to be converted and you may have to go through a lot of paperwork. In Canada, licenses are assigned by province, and each province has its own rules and testing methods.


We hope this blog has helped you learn various things about life in Canada. Study in Canada Consultants is your trusted study abroad consultant with expert, certified study abroad advisors to guide students like you in making rewarding career decisions in choosing the right program and university more appropriate.

Study in Canada consultants have offices across India, which you can visit to take advantage of the advice students across India trust!

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