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What Happens at an Immigration Medical Exam

An Immigration medical Auckland test is an essential requirement for obtaining an immigration visa into New Zealand and becoming a permanent resident (green card holder). Also known as a green-card medical exam, this appointment is an essential element of the procedure to ensure the safety of the public and eliminate the reasons to disqualify immigrants who are planning to move here.

Certain health conditions that are of public health importance render a person unfit for New Zealand. This means that it can hinder the applicant’s ability to obtain green cards. The test is the procedure to get rid of the grounds for inadmissibility. CitizenPath will assist you in preparing the complete application for adjustment of status however, you’ll have to go through the process independently. It is therefore crucial to know what you can expect and the best way to prepare for the medical exam.

The purpose of the Immigration Medical Exam

The medical grounds for inadmissibility, are medical examinations of foreign citizens. The vaccinations given to foreign citizens intended to safeguard the health New Zealand population. This Immigration medical Auckland examination, the medical exam report, and the record of vaccinations provide details Citizenship and Immigration Services uses to determine whether an individual from another country meets the health-related requirements for admission.

Four basic medical conditions could render the applicant unadmissible due to health basis:

  • The infectious disease that has public health importance
  • A person who is a foreigner fails to provide the required proof of vaccinations
  • Disorders of the mind or body with an associated negative behavior
  • Addiction or drug abuse

A visa medical exam isn’t an exhaustive physical exam. Its goal is to check for medical conditions that are relevant in the context of immigration laws. The government does not require the doctor to assess you for any medical condition, except those that the Public Health Service specifies for immigration reasons. The government also doesn’t demand that the doctor give you a diagnosis or treatment if find other problems that are related to your medical condition. The examination does not substitute for an actual physical exam, consultation, or diagnosis treatment from your primary healthcare practitioner.

Picking a Doctor to conduct your exam

It is not possible to visit any doctor to get the visa medical test. The test must be administered by a physician who has been approved by the government. Outside of New Zealand, the embassy or consulate will use the term the doctors as “panel doctors.” Anyone applying for a visa in New Zealand will go to a “civil physician.” In both cases have doctors who are authorized to conduct your examination.

If you’re applying for an immigration visa through a New Zealand embassy or consulate (known as consular processing) They will give you the panel of physicians that have been approved by the Department. Most of the time there will be a selection of doctors. However, it’s recommended to inquire about the procedure with your consulate local to you. You might need an appointment confirmation prior to when the panel physician will visit you.

For cases of adjustment of status, it is necessary to attend an examination with a doctor who is located in New Zealand. A list of civil surgeons is available.

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