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What Has Changed About New Year Eve Celebrations Over the Years?

Change is the only constant that we look forward to in our day-to-day lives. Whether it is our body, our surroundings, the people around us, or most importantly, we are changing. Over the years, a lot has changed with respect to how we celebrate our festivals and get-togethers. Previously, there used to be a precise number of people at the parties, and loud music was not preferred by new year celebrations revelers. 

Parties used to be quiet get-togethers- where people used to meet, talk to each other, and show concern towards each other. With the volatile trends coming into existence globally, even new year celebrations have seen a significant change over the years. People like to invite their relatives, colleagues, friends, and close ones to new year celebrations. They even order food new year cakes and other beverages instead of taking the hassle of cooking them. With a 9 to 5 monotonous routine- it is really difficult to cook and bake for a group of people who are a part of your get-together. There has been a significant change in the way people celebrate festivals around the world. 

Let us go through the changes we have noticed in the celebration of the new year over a period of time in this article and understand how changing times and technology have affected the pattern and style of ringing in the new year. 

A Simple Get Together

With the changing times, everything around us is transforming. From fashion trends to technology- everything around us is changing. Previously, during the end of the year and the celebration of the new year- people used to host very simple new year’s eve parties. They used to invite only a few people, who were important to them instead of the entire crowd. A simple get together or a party is always a meaningful one, as you can talk to your own people without any restrictions. When you are planning a big party for a large group of people, you have to plan everything in advance- from the menu to the decorations. 

Exchanging New Year’s Gifts

With the prevalence of gifting around festivals, people exchange new years gifts with their loved ones and friends on the eve of the new year. There are multiple companies and online gifting platforms that can help you send gifts to someone, irrespective of where they live. Gifting has become much easier now, which has made the exchanging of gifts much easier. Unlike previously, it was way too difficult to send a gift to someone who lives away from you in a different city or country. People had to speed post or courier gifts in advance, so that it reaches them on time. Now, with just a click, one can send or order gifts at any time of the day. 

Theme Based Parties

Nowadays, people prefer organizing theme based events and parties, where one can dress up like a certain character from a particular chosen theme. Whether it is a birthday or a get together- people prefer theme based parties. Previously, people used to go to parties or get togethers in their party clothes, but nowadays, with the trend of theme based parties- it is mandatory to dress up with the theme. 

Kids Are Allowed At New Year Part

In comparison to previous times, nowadays people love to throw extravagant New Year celebrations. They organize it in such a way that everyone can be entertained. From fun activities to a list of food items- keep everyone’s taste and preference in mind. Previously, new year’s parties were confined only to the seniors. But nowadays kids are also a part of the get together. This leads to an increase in the responsibility of the party host- from managing the kids’ corner. It engaging the kids to keeping only a designated section for champagne and alcohol. One has to get a set of vibrant and interesting new year gifts too. 

Excursions and Gateways

Nowadays, we end up planning trips and getaways around the world during the new year. The youth of today work the entire year, and look forward to the holiday season for any excursions or adventures. They work hard, party hard, and try to tick off every country on their bucket list. Previously, new year celebrations were only organized in the house or at the backyard for the bonfire. Go for more celebration ideas.

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