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What is business coaching?

Business coaching is a discipline that has been used in the business world for more than twenty-five years. As a tool for the development of people in the field of business. It has been obtaining very good results for years and a very positive return on investment. Through a notable increase in the productivity and motivation of the collaborators of companies and organizations.

Business coaching

Business coaching in companies

As its name suggests, this type of coaching is the one that takes place within a professional organization. It is an accompaniment, financed by the company, to an employee or a team, and that responds to a professional objective of the company.

The objectives sought by companies that hire professional coaching services usually include factors of improvement in the professional performance of their people, the communication skills within the organization, and in the leadership skills of their managers. Other objectives are the clarification of objectives and strategies or the promotion of the participation of people in the management of change.

The tripartite agreement in coaching companies

In order to start a business coaching process, a tripartite agreement is needed. This means that all three parties to the agreement have to be aware of and agree to the process. The three parts are:

  • The company that hires the process (director, manager, or director of Human Resources),
  • The professional or team that will receive the coaching process
  • The professional coach

This agreement will define the objectives, the strategies, and how progress will be measured. This agreement must also clearly reflect the confidentiality of the entire process. In other words, regardless of who hires the service, as in any coaching process. Confidentiality will always be maintained between the coach and his or her coachee or team of clients.

Differences between personal coaching and business coaching

The main difference is given by this tripartite agreement. Business coaching firms in new jersey take place between a coach and her coachee, in order to fulfill a personal or professional goal.

The different accompaniments of coaching in companies

Business coach

Executive coaching

We speak of executive coaching as the individual coaching process that the coach carries out with an employee, a middle manager, a manager or an executive. In this context, the coach establishes the needs of the company in a first meeting with the client. Among the most common objectives, we can find:

  • Adaptation to a new position of responsibility
  • Improved communication
  • Leadership
  • Topics related to task delegation
  • Improving the reconciliation of the employee’s work and personal life or their well-being at work
  • Accompany changes in the company
  • Strategic decision making.
  • Time and/or priority management

Team coaching

Team coaching is a process of accompanying a professional to a work team so that the latter can achieve certain goals that they set for themselves.

It is very important to clarify that we are not talking about team coaching as the sum of several individual coaching sessions.

On the contrary, team coaching is based on the systemic approach of the group, in order to:

  • Understand the team as a whole.
  • Identify relationships and interactions between team members.

The most common objectives of a team coaching process are:

  • Strengthen the team concept
  • Improved communication between different team members
  • Determination of individual responsibilities
  • Improved collective performance
  • Implementation of changes or novelties or optimization of work processes
  • Team cohesion

Benefits of coaching in companies

In the field of business, coaching improves the work environment, creates responsibility, collaboration, and commitment in people, increases motivation, and increases performance.

A coaching process will help to set goals, improve the efficiency of teams and people, manage change in uncertain environments, encourage creativity, and draw up and implement an action plan,…

In the end, all of this translates into an improvement in competitiveness and business results.

For a long time reserved for managers and executives, coaching has come to the business world to stay and has proven to be a great tool.

Coaching is today a great ally that companies have at their disposal, either through support processes or coaching training that will enable the development of highly valuable transversal skills and competencies

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