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What is SMS Marketing and How to Use it for Your Business in 2022

SMS marketing is the practise of promoting, selling, and advertising goods and services using text messages. It enables companies to send messages that show up on customers’ phones in the same way that texts from friends, family, and coworkers do. Instantaneous text messages provide clients the option of receiving texts from your company or not. Customers are more likely to check texts than emails, and texts have an open rate of 90% or higher within three minutes.

Utilize SMS marketing to boost client satisfaction 

You may send tailored messages via SMS Provider Australia, which have a higher open rate than emails. Customers believe texting is the greatest way for businesses to reach them quickly—59% of customers agree—and 64% think firms should use SMS to communicate with customers more frequently. 

Compared to email, SMS marketing generates greater open and response rates

More people than other forms of communication click on text message notifications. Compared to emails, which only had a 20% open rate in 2016, text messages had a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate. Customers are kept informed about your items or their purchases when you communicate with them via SMS.

Personalized communication through SMS marketing increases client happiness

90% of responding US customers find business messages that are not individually relevant and unpleasant, according to a Statista survey. You may deliver messages triggered by a data-driven understanding of customers’ particular interests and interactions with your business by utilising an SMS API platform. 

Customers without internet access can nevertheless get SMS marketing 

Although not all of your clients use desktop or laptop computers, the majority use smartphones. According to Deloitte’s worldwide consumer mobile study, developed nations have 91% of mobile phone users and 80% of smartphone users, while developing countries have 90% of mobile phone users and 82% of smartphone users. Thus, SMS may be used to communicate with a large audience.

SMS marketing use cases that are strategic for your company 

Various business uses for texting exist, some of which are marketing-related and others not. Reminders, delivery status updates, and promotions are typical purposes. Although not all of them are marketing strategies, texting has some excellent marketing uses. Let’s examine seven of the most effective SMS marketing use cases and the strategies used by some of the top companies. 

Special offers 

You need to make sure that promotions are opened as soon as possible since they must be opened before they expire. SMS marketing is used by Thinx, a company that sells undergarments for feminine hygiene, to distribute special offers.


Customers are informed about their orders through reminders, which are alerts. People lose focus on their purchases while engaged in other pursuits. Customers might not notice an email regarding a meal delivery, but what about an SMS message? It will manifest. Text messages are used by online meal delivery service DoorDash to notify clients of their food orders.

Customer feedback and reviews 

Using a customer survey, you may learn what you’re doing right and what you should improve upon. Texting client surveys is preferable to emailing them since text response rates are 7.5 times greater. You may be innovative and interesting in your survey by using texting. Food delivery business Seamless employs interactive messaging to solicit feedback from clients about their performance. 

Launch of a new product or service 

You want to let your consumers know when you have a new product or service. These notifications may not stand out in a busy email inbox, but they have a significant impact when sent as text messages. A plant-based food firm called Sakara texts clients to let them know when new goods are available and even gives them early access.

Shopping cart dropping off 

According to research from the Baymard Institute, more than 70% of shoppers leave online shopping carts containing prospective purchases. Swank Text messages are used by online women’s apparel retailer A Posh to remind clients that they have goods in their shopping carts. 

Content syndication 

Customers may be reached through texting to share how-to manuals, product details, and other resources. With CTAs like “For more information, text FORD to 63111,” Ford Motor Company uses texting to disseminate information about its vehicles.

Automated reactions 

Especially when done on a big scale, manually replying to clients can be tiring. You can operate more efficiently by automating operations. When clients require immediate replies, your company might employ SMS autoresponders to provide them. A cosmetics company called Julep utilises SMS autoresponders to enable viewers of advertisements to text “BETTER” and receive discounts. 

Start using SMS marketing right now 

SMS is the future, according to Scot Cromer, CEO of Flight Vector. You will fall behind if you don’t offer a texting option. Fortunately, beginning an SMS marketing campaign doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s free to join up for Plivo’s SMS API Platform, which provides a number of tools that make it simple to design and run customised text campaigns.

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