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What is Urgent Care, and What Conditions are Treated at Arleta Urgent Care?

The medical care field is wide and covers numerous levels of health care issues. Many health care facilities are set up to handle different medical conditions, including injuries. If you are in a medical emergency, you need to know which medical facility can address your health issues quickly and effectively. You need to know whether a particular medical facility has proper equipment and qualified doctors to address your health concerns. 

Many patients nowadays focus on convenience when seeking health care services. If you depend entirely on your primary physician to offer convenient health care services, you may get disappointed several times. The reason is that your doctor may not always be around to provide time-sensitive care. The only way for you to access high-quality, convenient, quick, and affordable health care services are by visiting an urgent care clinic in Arleta. But what conditions does urgent care treat? Arleta urgent care clinic was set up to cater to patients who find it hard to access primary care. 

Arleta urgent care clinic is a wonderful health care facility in Los Angeles. The sole purpose of its establishment is to allow patients with mild or minor medical and health care issues to get help. Doctors and staff at Arleta urgent care clinic work after hours to address the health concerns of patients requiring immediate medical attention. The facility is mindful of patients’ well-being, which is why we treat our patients with compassion. What conditions does urgent care treat? 

Arleta urgent care clinic has all it takes to ensure that all our patients can hassle-free access to health care. To understand well the medical conditions treatable at Arleta urgent care clinic. 

Medical Conditions Treatable at Arleta Urgent Care 

The pain and discomfort one feels when injured or sick requires quick response services from Arleta Urgent Care. Immediate health care requires a quick response from highly qualified physicians. Below are some of the medical conditions that you can receive treatment for at Arleta urgent care clinic in Los Angeles. 

1. Mild respiratory conditions

Among the healthcare services, you will get from Arleta urgent care clinic is treatment for various respiratory medical issues. Respiratory conditions treatable at Arleta urgent care clinic include mild asthma, pneumonia, flu, mild allergies that affect the respiratory system, and more. Failure to address respiratory issues on time may lead to further complications that may be life-threatening. We use state of the art equipment such as X-ray machines to properly diagnose these issues. 

2. Minor Burns 

Accidents that cause burns are quite common because we use heat for many things. First and second degree burns are treatable at Arleta urgent care. However, if the burn is a third-degree type that has caused severe injuries to skin and bone tissues, specialists from emergency rooms may be needed. The extent of the burn is often determined by how wide and deep the burn went into the body. The doctor will start cleaning the burnt site and applying antibiotics to prevent infections. 

3. Skin irritations and allergies 

Skin irritations and allergies are among the various medical conditions treatable at Arleta urgent care clinic. Our physicians perform essential tests to determine the root cause of skin issues, including allergies, before developing an effective treatment plan. Failure to treat allergic reactions that cause the skin to swell up and cause rashes may lead to further complications that can be quite severe. Allergic reactions may be triggered by food, animal far, or plants. After correctly diagnosing the condition, the doctor will devise an effective treatment plan. 

4. Skin tag removal 

When seeking medical attention at clinic, many people ask us – what conditions does urgent care treat? Skin tag removal is another medical procedure at Arleta urgent care clinic. Skin tags are often harmless features that form on the skin. Sometimes, these skin tags can be precancerous, but in rare cases. Collagen, proteins used to heal the body, often accumulate on the skin to form skin tags. When caught between cloth fiber, they can cause a lot of pain. Skin tags may be removed by clipping, burning, or even through minor surgery. 

5. Animal and bug bite 

An animal bite can be severe or mild. If you have been bitten by an insect or an animal, our doctors will evaluate the severity of the bite. Very poisonous bugs or animal bites may require specialized medical attention. After extensive evaluation, the doctor may decide to treat the patient or refer them. 

6. Physicals 

Right now, in the United States of America, it is mandatory to go for a physical examination at the beginning of the school season. Although physicals are not meant to treat any medical condition, they make excellent diagnostic tools. Physical examinations are performed by our physicians to make sure that the student is in good health and sound mind when attending lessons. Among the highly sought-after physical are camp and sports physical examinations. 

Sports are necessary to ensure that a student or professional athlete is physically and mentally fit to participate in any contact sports. Besides conducting a physical evaluation during sports physicals, the doctor will ask the student several questions. These may include questions about your medical history and the current medication that you are taking. Scheduling an appointment with your provider is the best way to go. 


What conditions does urgent care treat? This is the question that many people need to know. The medical conditions treatable at Arleta urgent care clinics are many. However, you need to know whether the type of medical condition you suffer from is treatable. What often drives many people to seek medical attention from Arleta urgent care is the quick response from the clinic. Setting up an urgent care clinic ensures patients can access time-sensitive care. Arleta urgent care clinic has highly qualified doctors who offer fast and effective. 


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