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What makes top tyre companies in India famous worldwide

The global tire industry will grow at a CAGR of 7.53% from 2021 to 2027 to reach 353.27 from 230.88 billion dollars. Such is the phenomenal rise in the demand for tires from cycles, motorbikes, cars, and heavy-duty vehicles in India. India is soon to become the most populated country in the world, and a developing economy needs more bicycle tyres and others. It is for the nearly 140 billion people in India to safely use their many vehicles to ride on the roads. Also, India is the fourth largest natural rubber producer for export to many countries worldwide. And also, tires made in India use an 80:20 ratio of natural to synthetic rubber that is quite successful, which makes high-quality tires more than the standard 70:20 ratio in other countries.

In this article, let us discuss the many reasons why the renowned tire manufacturers in India are famous worldwide for making bicycle tires and others that are high in quality and low in price.

What are the top tire manufacturers in India?

Besides the availability of abundant natural rubber in India because of its tropical climate, tire manufacturing has been booming in India for a long time. Since independence, India has been one pioneer in tire making to export to many countries apart from satisfying domestic needs. Cheap labor in India to tap rubber from trees, one of the essential needs to make tires, is another critical reason for the rising tire manufacturing in India. Also, the skilled workforce to use the advancing technology to make many modern tires as per the need is another reason for the many following to be the top tyre companies in India

  • Metro Tires, in technical collaboration with Continental Tires, makes the best tires from 1968
  • MRF
  • Apollo Tyres
  • Ceat Tyres

Reasons for best top tire companies in India to be famous worldwide

In today’s globalized world, competing with world-famous tire companies has become easier to adapt to the advancing technologies. It helps to make many innovative tires like puncture-proof, all-season, smart tires using sensor technology and others. With abundant rubber cultivation, a cheap workforce, and the latest technology, India has become a huge tire exporter worldwide. There are many reasons for the reputed tire companies in India to become popular worldwide.

  • Have enough experience of making all tires for a long time that may be for a few decades to over half a century
  • Uses more natural rubber, which studies confirm is ideal for making high-quality tires are safe and for longevity
  • Make tires with a natural-to-synthetic rubber ratio of 80:20 than the 70:30 used in many countries to make Indian tires stronger and safer.
  • Produce superior quality tires for all vehicle types from bicycles to motorbikes, cars to heavy vehicles to export for many countries
  • Less expensive compared to other countries but with high quality to last long and provide enough grip for additional safety
  • Make fuel-efficient tires to save money, and many eco-friendly countries with environmental concerns prefer Indian tires to others.
  • Manufacture low-resistant tires to be fuel efficient and reduce noise and other issues.
  • Makes tires with enough grip because of the more natural and superior quality rubber for safe ride on snow, water-filled or dry roads

Metro Tires is one of the renowned tyre companies in India that exports high-quality tires for all vehicles to over 50 countries. With seven state-of-the-art facilities, Metro tires make not only the best bicycle tyres but also all vehicles at fewer costs but with no compromise in quality to become a 140 million-dollar conglomerate.

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