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Who Cares About Peak Download Speed In 5G?

[Summary: Common people especially those who don’t have much to do with Communication services or their technicalities, won’t care much about the peak download speeds 4G or 5G provides.  

4G provides its peak of 1 Gbps & 47 Mbps mostly in high-end smartphones but most of the users don’t care much about it.. 20 Mbps at every click is what they need to have a great user experience.  

But Businesses are talking only about 5G. CSPs have a lot to care about to serve their wide range of clientele & business types from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps.] 

“Starter Kit” 

Many popular studies showed that the user experience is inversely proportional to the churn rate. And this churn rate can be reduced (or let’s say user experience can be maximised) through improvements in device processing power and/or internet speed. 

  • A survey put its conclusion in a graphical form & proved that- downlink throughput “at click” of 20 Mbps with 1 Mbps uplink throughput “at click” is plenty for smartphone users. Beyond this enthusiasm for high-speed Internet gets cooled down & marginal impacts are seen. 

Peak download speed in 5G 

5G is the “next big thing” in the coming months & businesses are already eyeing the fifth generation of wireless communication that’ll provide faster, more reliable, & more secure connection. It will be able to support more devices at once, making it a great option for those who want to stream high-quality HD videos on their phones or tablets. 

  • The peak download speed of the 5G network is 10 Gbps. This is much faster than the current wireless networks that offer peak download speeds of 1 Gbps i.e.,  catching up 10 times faster than 4G. 
  • 5G will be able to handle more and more devices at a time, and more importantly, it will be able to handle more and more data at a time. This means that not only will you get faster download speeds, but you’ll also get higher bandwidth for video streaming among other things. 
  • Furthermore, we should not forget that other aspects need to be taken into consideration when comparing 4G and 5G networks. For example, the coverage area or the latency. These two factors are just as important as the peak download speed when it comes to how well a network will perform in real-life scenarios. 

Do you want to know how fast the 5G network actually is?  

So! Let’s understand it- on 4G LTE, a typical user downloads a 600 MB video in 2.3minutes while in 5G, it’ll drop down to 34 seconds. Big thing! 

  • 5G ultra wideband download speeds at 988.37 Mbps- a straight 820.2% improvement over LTE. This data from a recent Speedtest Intelligence says so much. 

Who cares about peak download speed in 5G? 

The debate of who cares more about peak download speed, common people or businesses is a tricky one. It can be answered in many different ways. For instance, if you are a business, then you care about the speed of your system’s internet connection because it will affect your productivity and efficiency. On the other hand 

  • Peak download speed is becoming less and less important unless & until you don’t belong to a business that has mission-critical, massive IoT, etc. 
  • For example, an e-commerce site, high-end developer, enterprises dealing with emergency services e.g., health care, fire control departments, intelligence, or a telecom person (Of course!), or any other businesses you can think of having high-speed internet requirements for their system to run at an optimal pace.  
  • Precision control of remote devices will eventually become as  5G’s will roll over the market. High bandwidth optimization will enable security operations. 
  • The answer is not that simple. Peak download speed in 5G is the first thing to be considered by the common people, but businesses care more about how much data they can transfer. 
  • The current focus should be on how the 5G network can deliver content faster, more reliably, and with lower latency (especially for emergency rooms!). 
  • Knowing the full range of a network speed is important. Though an average data speed is said to give a holistic approach to the subject, the entire range of internet speed is important-as they do experience the entire range of speed bar- from (comparatively) much slower to the (comparatively) much higher speed.


So, if you are an individual leveraging the benefits of ‘already very high internet speed, then it will not affect your life as much as it would for a business person. 

Therefore, businesses should be more concerned about high peak download speeds than common people because they need to do their work efficiently and quickly to maintain their productivity levels. 

At Echelon Edge, our team of personnel has conducted thorough research to understand the mesh of 5G  & serve the businesses with their individualized needs.   

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