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Why is India one of the largest readymade garment exporters worldwide?

Gone are the days of stitching clothes with tailors for formal and casual wear as readymade garments became popular worldwide and in India. The global readymade garment industry will grow at a CAGR of 8.8% to reach 1,268.3 from 983.7 billion US Dollars from 2019 to 2027. And India is the 6th largest readymade garment exporters worldwide and is the largest segment accounting for almost half of the textile and apparel industry. Hence the need for the best garment manufacturers in Delhi NCR and other states are in high demand worldwide. And with many governments favorable policies and the steps taken by the APEC or Apparel Export Promotion Council are promoting the readymade garment industry to new levels.

This article will discuss India’s rising readymade garment exporters and the contribution of the leading garment manufacturers in Delhi NCR and other states for it.

What are readymade garments?

The current lifestyle prefers more readymade garments available in the shops to buy or order online to wear for any occasion. It is because of the lack of time in this fast world to go to shops to buy fabric, give measurements and wait for days or weeks for stitching and to wear them. The wide range of varieties in colors, sizes, designs, shapes and trends of the readymade garments make it the favorite among people worldwide.   And the younger generations want to show their status wearing branded readymade garments to make it their first choice for dresses. Also, India being at the forefront of the apparel industry with its many best garment manufacturers in Delhi NCR and other parts, it creates new trends in the readymade garment industry worldwide.

How do the best readymade manufacturers in Delhi NCR work?

For nearly two centuries, readymade garments have been made worldwide to be in high demand now because of the changing lifestyles. The first readymade manufacturing unit started in New York in 1831, with small quantities spread to many parts. Also, it will become the most popular garment in the next few decades. The many choices of fabric, styles and new trends have made them popular among people of all classes. And with ecommerce sales skyrocketing, the need for the best readymade garment manufacturers in Delhi NCR and many other states is on the rise. The mass production of such factories has made India one of the top readymade garment exporters worldwide. 

Why is India one of the largest readymade garment exporters worldwide?

India globally contributes around 16 billion US dollars annually to the readymade garment industry. It is because of the many steps taken by the government. Since 1978 by forming APEC to promote the garment industry in India. It supports the apparel industry with inputs on FTP, FTA, and other bilateral agreements. To increase and develop the export of all readymade garment segments. It includes formal to casual wear made of many raw materials like cotton, yarn, and others. Because of being a rich source of fabric like cotton in many states. And skilled workforce is available at cheaper rates compared to many developed countries. And the contribution of the best garment manufacturers in Delhi NCR also plays a pivotal part in it.


Shahi is one of India’s largest garment manufacturers in Delhi NCR and nine other states. It has over 50 apparel factories and three processing mills to employ over 113,000 people across India. Out of them, over 77,000 are women to provide employment and offer the best quality to buyers. With innovation and sustainability, Shahi plays a crucial role in India as one of the top readymade garment exporters worldwide.

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