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Why you should learn Kotlin in 2022?

Kotlin is a modern programming language used for developing Android apps. It was developed by JetBrains, and its popularity increased when Google started to support it. It is a general-purpose, statically typed, open-source, cross-platform programming language that may be used with Java virtual machines. Everyone is aware that companies prefer Java for Android applications, but more and more businesses are increasingly using Kotlin as well. Because Kotlin provides useful features and is expressive, it is used as an alternative to Java in Android development. It has been made a fault-proof programming language, so it is easier to maintain. One of its key features of it is that it assists you in avoiding common programming errors. The Java frameworks can be used with Kotlin to construct applications for the Java Virtual Machine. This programming language is the current trend for Android development.

 Reasons why Kotlin is worth learning?

  1. Kotlin is easy to learn because it has a simple and common syntax and programming structure, which makes it an excellent choice for identifying and modifying errors.
  2. For the set-up method of Kotlin, a Kotlin plugin is needed for your Android Studio. Hence, it is an easy method. Developers may work with their preferred platform and toolkit because it supports a variety of IDEs and SDK tools.
  3. Because it was created using the Java platform and environment, it can be simply used on any Java-based platform.
  4. Because it has a sophisticated compiler, it is possible to verify automatic casts, which increases the effectiveness of the check timings.
  5. Developers have access to a variety of employment opportunities. In the fields of game development, web development, mobile development, etc., there is a significant demand for Kotlin developers.
  6. A modern and trending programming language i.e. it combines object-oriented and functional programming to create a dominant language that is rich with up-to-date features. Intuitive syntax, all-purpose usability, and cyber security are a few of these qualities.

Is Kotlin still relevant in 2022?

Yes, Kotlin is still relevant in 2022. As the market for Android apps expands, there is an increasing need for mobile developers, which results in the increasing demand for the Kotlin course for android. It is a beginner-friendly programming language with a small codebase, making it a reliable and consistent language for code development. This programming language is now preferred by many companies such as Pinterest, Netflix, etc.

Reasons to adopt Kotlin

  • Since Kotlin has undergone numerous stages before its first release, it has a mature environment and is largely bug-free. Its IDE plugins operate easily without issue. Its alpha and beta versions have been utilized in numerous projects.
  • By avoiding many of Java’s drawbacks, it is both a simple and powerful programming language. In comparison to others, it’s compilation time is quite less, and Kotlin apps need fewer libraries. By implementing its safety features into the projects, it assists in lowering the number of bugs. Prior to putting something into production, it makes sure that the variables being used cannot be null and can be recognized at compile time.
  • If your background is in Java language, then you can quickly start using Kotlin. Many resources are also available for both the fundamental and advanced topics in syntax. It is a superior choice for both beginner and expert developers because it increases productivity by making debugging simpler.

Additionally, if you’re seeking for a facility that can provide you with the best Kotlin training, consider enrolling with CETPA Infotech. With the help of professional experts, you will get to work on real projects.

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