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Why You Should Shop from US-Based Stores When Shipping to Australia

Now that you’ve found the perfect item on a US-based retailer’s website, you may have been dismayed to find out that they don’t ship to your country. If this has happened to you, it’s probably because of Australia’s strict customs regulations regarding which items are allowed in the country and which aren’t. If you choose to shop from a US-based retailer that does not directly ship to Australia (which many do not), there are still several ways for you to get your goods delivered to you without breaking any of those rules.

The Cost of Shipping

Shipping an item to the UK or the USA would be much cheaper than shipping it to Australia. The cost of shipping a package from the United States is around $8.00, whereas it can cost upwards of $50.00 for a parcel sent from the UK and up to $70.00 for parcels shipped from Canada. When you ship goods internationally you may need to pay additional duties, taxes, tariffs, and/or customs charges when your shipment reaches its destination country. Your best bet is to check with your local post office or customs agency before sending your goods abroad so you know how much you will have to pay at each step along the way as there are many factors that affect the total charge that may not be apparent until it has been delivered.

The Convenience of Shopping Online

While it is not always cheaper, shopping online often comes with the added convenience of being able to shop around for the best deals. From Amazon Prime’s shipping to australia from usa, to brands like Nordstrom and Macy’s that ship internationally, there are many affordable options for shopping from the comfort of your own home. us to uk shipping cost vary depending on which store you choose, but it will be worth your time to compare prices before making a purchase. Shipping costs can range anywhere from $25 – $100+.

The Quality of the Products

US stores offer the best quality products and a variety of brands, but shipping costs are often high. shipping to Australia from USA can cost upwards of $60, making it more affordable to purchase items in person while you’re visiting the states. It’s also helpful that Australian stores don’t carry as many brands and types of items.

The Variety of Products Available

US stores are a great place to shop because they have a wider variety of products than many other stores. If you’re shipping an item to the UK, it’s important that you buy your products from a store that can ship there too. Shipping overseas is more expensive than shipping domestically, so if you can avoid shipping costs by buying all your products in one place, then you’ll be able to spend less.

The Customer Service

When shipping packages internationally, the customer service of the company you are using is just as important as the price. If a package gets lost or damaged in transit, then you need someone who can help you get your refund or replacement. Using USPS International Priority Mail offers the best customer service for shipping packages between the United States and Australia.

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