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Why You Shouldn’t Opt for a Cheap Logo Design

Logos in current times are incredibly undervalued. The idea that you don’t need to hire a professional designer is more common in a world where cheap pre-made logos are readily available at the click of a button. There are millions of logo templates available to choose from across the worldwide web.

Many people are not aware of the importance and value of an impactful logo for their company. When you initially consider having a logo designed, the expense of a logo frequently takes center stage. However, you should view a logo as an investment.

You should evaluate a logo design in terms of return on investment (ROI). This is similar to any other items bought or required to help create or grow your firm.

Investing in cheap logo decals and emblems to cut back on expenses for the foundation of your brand identity will cost more eventually.

DIY Logo Generators

Several DIY options exist where emblems can be designed free-of-cost via logo creation and designing platforms. These logo generators utilize AI technology and software.
The Canva Logo Maker, Wix Logo Maker, and the Squarespace Logo Generator are all well-reputed examples of such platforms.

Inexpensive logo designs ranging from $0 to $400 can be obtained from experienced people on freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork Inc.

Entrepreneurs can also make lowball offers in design competitions like 99 Designs or use Fiverr to find a cheap freelancer on the other side of the globe. You can always hire a buddy proficient in Adobe Illustrator to design a logo for the cost of a lunch, case of beer, or wine bottle.

You could find that these affordable and free solutions are exactly what you need. If you are doubtful about the success of your enterprise, it makes little sense to invest in a logo. An inexpensive logo should be good if you are testing the waters or investing in the market.

Ranges of Logo Design 

Not all logos are pricey, as businesses have the option of receiving a near-to-professional logo design at an affordable cost. Entrepreneurs decide if an inexpensive logo best suits the brand’s image, depending on the growth stage an organization is at. 

Many web design agencies and printing retailers offer logo designs for free as an additional benefit of using their services or making a purchase from them for big orders.

The cost of logo designs from qualified brand designers and marketing companies often shocks business owners. For a branding package, these places can provide estimates ranging from $2500 to $15,000 in price.

It is paying thousands of dollars for a logo that you would only consider a cool shape, and some text in a nice font is fairly astounding.

The following are some justifications for spending more on logo design:

Inexpensive Emblem Designs are Affordable for a Reason

A cheap-looking, generic logomark is what you’ll receive if you skimp on your logo design process. It will take a $5 logo designer from sites like Fiverr minutes to create a logo for you, producing a cut-and-paste logomark with little to no consideration for layout or typography.

The design process of a seasoned designer often takes days and includes discovery, research, development, presentation, and revisions. This is significant because a designer or design team may get to know your brand personally via the thorough design process, creating a logo that truly expresses the brand identity and defines who you are.

The Legal Battle

It has been reported that designers on these low-cost logo websites steal other people’s designs and pass them off as their own. Establishing a new business is risky since you may easily get involved in a legal dispute that will cost you more money and may damage your reputation.

Ensuring the Designed Logo is Scalable

You can discover that you need to spend more money to acquire your “masterpiece” logo in a format that can be used. Always give a professionally produced logo in various file formats and color options. Whether it is printed on a business card or projected on a bigger screen like a billboard, a logo must be scalable to be legible and impactful.

Brand Identity and Brand Values 

Logos should embody the principles of an organization so that when consumers see it, their perception of the brand is improved. 

When a logo is produced for a low cost, no effort is likely made to comprehend a brand’s mission. You want your logo to quickly convey your brand’s identity, value(s), and message.

Logos Should Be Timeless

Whether you are establishing a business or already have one, your major objective is for it to expand. Not being able to evolve your logo is one of the worst circumstances. 

An effective logo should be ageless, and a skilled designer will know what to do to make sure your brand identification endures.

Ultimately, it’s not about spending a fortune on a logo. It can be difficult to determine what is acceptable given the wide range of logo design prices available.

While it’s crucial to stay within your budget and pay a price that is affordable for you, a logo shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought by you. A logo has the power to build or kill your company. In the long run, finding a designer or agency willing to invest sincere time, creativity, and energy into your brand will be worthwhile.


Whether you have a lot of money to spend on a logo or none, take logo design seriously. You should pay special attention to it.

Your company’s logo has the power to create or break your venture. Even if you can’t afford to hire the best designers and wish to opt for a cheap logo design, you still need to treat the process seriously.

Nothing prevents a novice from creating a fantastic logo design. A professional always strikes the mark, whereas a novice occasionally comes up with a brilliant idea. Suppose you are working with a novice designer. In that case, it is your responsibility to ensure that you provide them with a clear brief and complete the necessary research. Designers should be paid enough so that they can submit several designs. Frequent revisions until you, a client, is satisfied is also a part of this.

However, you ought to hire a professional if you can afford to do so. Simply said, it will lessen the likelihood that you will need to rebrand in the future. And that might be extremely expensive. Purchasing a quality logo is similar to relocating to a spacious workplace. If you have enough money to rent a modest office, your company can quickly outgrow it, resulting in a costly transfer. However, if you rent a larger office than you require, you can continue to expand.




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