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Women’s Footwear – Fashion or Comfort, what should be the priority

We all know that women are passionate about their fashion. From clothes to footwear to something as little as hair accessories women want everything perfect. Be it some important occasion like a wedding or a function or a mundane everyday routine, women are perfect in everything. One may find numerous designs for ladies sandals online. But being in sync with fashion might become a little heavy on your feet. Following fashion trends or prioritizing your comfort what should be your priority? Well, we are in Team Comfort! Let’s have a look at some points that will convince you to prioritize your comfort.

You’ll Feel More Confident

Most of us have been stuck in a situation where we end up wearing something that might have been super trendy but equally uncomfortable. Remember the time when the straps of those really trendy sandals made cuts on your feet or the time when your high heels gifted you pain in heels and your lower back? Yeah! That’s what we want to remind you. That situation wasn’t just painful but also made you highly self-conscious. In our suggestion, you definitely shouldn’t try to force yourself into footwear that simply doesn’t suit you, make comfort and style work for you. When you feel comfortable in what you wear, you definitely look your best without doing much effort. Your discomfort would eventually be visible on your face at some point in time.

You’ll Be in a Better Mood

The way you dress shows the kind of mood you are in and vice versa. Your footwear definitely has an impact on your mood. Wearing uncomfortable shoes at a place where they are not required can really put you off instantly. In today’s time, we have a specified type of footwear for every occasion but prioritizing your comfort along with societal norms will help your manifolds. Instead of going for those really high pencil heels you can choose block heels or wedges they might give you the same height but much better comfort and security.

You’ll Be More Focused on the Moment

Imagine a moment when you are all set to achieve something really good and big in your life. But just as you are walking towards it your feet start paining or you fall due down due to imbalance. Well, this is exactly what uncomfortable slippers will make you do. If your footwear is not comfortable enough you might never be able to focus on things other than that. All your concentration will be restricted to just your feet. You would continuously feel that you should have worn something different. We don’t want that for you. Hence choose your footwear wisely. Missing out on the fun or making memories with your loved ones just for the sake of fashion is a shame.

What do we learn?

Today we stand in a world where we have more options than ever to look fashionable while still feeling comfortable. The pressures of society and social media are no longer a sword in your head. Each and every woman has the freedom to choose comfort over footwear that might be good right now, but in the long run, will leave an adverse impact on her feet.

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