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Web Development

WordPress Development Company in the UK

 More often than not, 30% of the websites on the internet are designed using WordPress. ITCLAS is a UK-based IT company that has expertise in web design and development. It forms the back of the internet. WordPress is designed to use as a Content management system for your customized websites. The specialists of ITCLAS help the clients to develop and designs new websites to promote their brand with WordPress.

Also, to renew the old website, the experts at ITCLAS develop WordPress plugins for efficient and eased working. And one of these plugins has a feature to remove any kind of issue on your website. The most important thing to be mentioned about ITCALS, a Web Development Company in London, is time management. The work assigned to the professionals here is submitted on time, and you don’t need to worry about the deadlines of your work with ITCLAS. And we make every possible effort to provide you with bug-free apps.

ITCLAS is the place where you can design your thoughts. You inform the experts about your visions and thoughts and see them happening in reality.


Our Services.


Install Your Themes.

WordPress themes may include the themes designed by you or, they can be the themes built by the professionals of our team.


Content Writing.

The experts of ITCLAS aid your website with relevant and quality content, for doing SEO. The main idea is to have the best content for your website.


Specialist Plugins.

When you’re running a website, it’s primary to update your website to compete. And to do these updates, several plugins perform these functions.


SEO Agency.

For successful SEO work, WordPress is the best choice. WordPress finds the best locations and sites for promoting the keywords of your brand.


Security and Stability.

One thing to consider is the security of WordPress. This needs to be very secure to avoid any interruption in its security. Our experts do focus on this area providing a functional and efficient website.


Hosting and Maintenance.

The services our experts offer include the transfer of your website’s design from one host to another or staying with the same host as well. It means we do give recommendations to you regarding the hosting of your website.


WordPress E-Commerce Solution.

Using our strategies, you can build online brands and can promote them easily in the digital world. And WordPress is the top of the best available tool we could use to do this. It is the first recommendation of most web development services in London.


WordPress API Integration.

With the help of our experts, you can coordinate the WordPress app and your other website services with other applications and with API integration.


WordPress Migration Service.

The professionals at ITCLAS assist you to shift from content management system CMS to impressive WordPress using their experience and skills. 


What makes WordPress Stunning?

  • WordPress is a wonderful addition of technology that helps you to have a handy CMS and to use this system you don’t need any kind of schooling first. 
  • Using WordPress, you can develop a website even of a single page or a website having dozens of pages.
  • WordPress designs SEO-friendly websites that help your websites rank on Google. You can use some plugins to aid this process as well. 
  • This assists you to have authority over the whole website of blogging. Both for the editor and the user.
  • The strong performance of WordPress despite the number of pages or traffic is another factor that most people use it.

Why we?

We have:

  • A dedicated team of WordPress.
  • WordPress coding.
  • Impactful designs.
  • Result-driven process.
  • 24/7 support by our team.

Developed Apps by our Company.

The apps developed by ITCLAS, an App Development Company in the UK, are most of the time bug-free and handy to use. You can check out our apps as well. 

The apps designed by our company rank on the play store and help people to promote your brand as well. Check out our portfolio for further assistance.

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