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You Should Know Endpoint Security For Your Business.

Definition of an Endpoint


Let’s start by defining an endpoint. A device that interacts with the network to which it is attached is an endpoint. This could be a wide range of gadgets, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, servers, etc. This blog will largely target the laptop/desktop world because the attack vectors vary greatly depending on where we focus. Even while the risks to each endpoint may be comparable, the mitigations varied greatly.


Endpoint Security is the practice of securing endpoints or entry points of end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from being exploited.


Why Do Endpoints Cause Security Issues?


Why are endpoints considered to be a high security risk? Because defective humans pound the keyboard with no awareness of anything beyond what’s on their screen. Users can take security awareness courses, but doing so won’t eradicate the hazard. How can we decrease the effects if we assume it will happen when it does?


Types of Software for endpoint detection and protection:


Endpoint Detect and Response (EDR) and Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) are two product categories designed to reduce the dangers endpoints confront (EDR).


Traditional Anti-Virus technologies that relied on signatures have developed into EPP tools. It seems like everyone despises antivirus endpoint security software when I speak to our customers about it. Poor detection capabilities and the use of precious CPU resources are common concerns.


Hopefully, the days of computers catching fire while the anti-virus ran a weekly scan are long gone, but the memory endures. The last few years have been tremendously intriguing to observe the growth of EPP.


Niche competitors have entered EPP, introducing cloud-based management, zero-day detection, and EDR. Many users ran two agents, one to handle zero-day threats and another to use capabilities like media encryption, host-based IDS, and others that established vendors introduced as their solution matured.


At first, the leaders in EPP (by market share at least) were very slow to react. However, with their own zero day prevention and EDR capabilities, what I would refer to as the traditional vendors in the anti-virus industry are now competing on a more level playing field. Of course, Microsoft is another option. They appear to be on a quest to rule the endpoint security universe, and when do they ever fail?


What is EDR, first of all? It’s still a new technology concept, at least in comparison to anti-virus software, and the market is still developing. EPP is simple to use, prevents attacks whether they are behavior- or signature-based, reports an alarm, and ends the event. EDR has a lot more potential than that. Want to monitor the forensic activity of your endpoints? Module loads, network activity, registry key changes, and process creation and termination are all related to specific processes. This integrated endpoint awareness throughout the whole network enables rapid detection of malicious behaviour and, crucially, provides investigators with immediate forensic access and perhaps even the capacity to quarantine infected hosts in the case of an incident.


Due to the immaturity of the EDR business, product capabilities vary, start-up providers are still being acquired, and clients are often confused of what they want. As a full EDR solution requires specialised expertise that an EPP administrator may not always have, EPP suppliers choose to keep EDR light; they may not reveal it in their sales presentation.




Is endpoint protection and visibility sufficient without both EPP and EDR? While the criteria for EPP has long been in place, that of EDR is less so. Though, things are altering. Now that SOCs offer EDR solutions as standard, I no longer need to advertise them because consumers want to perceive a difference amongst vendors to make an informed choice. Now that both may be had in a single agent and fully functional EDR systems have adopted EPP, I no longer hear, “Not another agent to manage.” EDR and EPP are still evolving, but they both protect endpoints from users.


Our Security & Network Solutions team is available to help you if you have questions and believe you might benefit from expert advice; contact a specialist today!


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