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YouTube monetization requirements for YouTube video creators in 2023

If you are very curious to know how you can monetize youtube. So this article is going to prove very useful for you. 

I will do a flower guide for youtube monetize on this. I am going to explain to you in this article what are the requirements to be monetized on youtube. 

You need to read this article completely because if you missed a single step in this article. So you will not know what are the requirements of YouTube monetization.

I did a lot of research and found these articles. That you know the YouTube Monetization Requirements.

So you will be able to monetize your YouTube channel very easily and fast. 

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Youtube Monetization Requirements 2023

Users of YouTube are very concerned about who YouTube allows joining its monetization program. Criteria to monetize youtube channel Before this,

if you join the YouTube Partner Program, then it is considered necessary to have these things.

  • 1000 customers
  • You must have 4000 hours of watch time. (within 12 months)
  • Follow YouTube’s Guidelines (Community Guidelines)
  • If you are not able to do 1000 subscribers on youtube then youtube has new requirements for monetization in 2023. Then you must read this article.

Try to avoid demonetization

The minimum requirements to earn on YouTube are after joining the YouTube Partner Program. Call monitoring for max video. 

You can do this while uploading the video but after that, you will have to wait. Youtube’s new rules for monetization in 2023.

After your video is fully processed, YouTube will send something to your YouTube system to let you know. Some such things are found that Monetization Criteria youtube can demonetize my channel. Such as adult themes, abusive scenes or copyright claims, etc.

Youtube partner program rules

The easiest way to earn from YouTube is by applying for the YouTube Partner Program. Achieving partner status in this program will be nothing less than a lifeline for you. Through this, you can run ads on your channel.

It also pays you money every time you upload content and potentially makes easy money online.

Google Adsense provides money to some YouTube creators. in exchange for their videos. You should know that whenever a YouTube user clicks on your video,

revenue is generated for you, thereby generating your income. This revenue is split between you and YouTube, taking 45% and giving 55% to the user.

Add an affiliate link in the youtube description

Do you know that if you put a link to a product in your description? So you can comfortably increase your income even more and earn money through YouTube.

The marketing that is done through this link is called Affiliate Marketing.

How does it work?
  • There are many such sites. Through which you can join an affiliate program. Who does not know the Amazon company, you can become a part of the Affiliate Program by visiting its site. You can also become a part of affiliate programs through many companies or brands.
  • Get a custom link to share the link on YouTube.
  • When users buy a product through this link. So you get income.
  • Now let’s talk about how to start Affiliate Marketing on YouTube. For starters, I recommend you join the Amazon Affiliate Program. You can also get hundreds of links through this and by adding to the description you can increase your income through your commission.
  • Hint- Always put a link related to your topic. If your topic is camera-related then you can paste any camera link in your description.
  • According to Amazon, you get a 10% commission on electronic products so if you promote the link in your video then you can earn a lot, 


To monetize the YouTube channel, you have to follow the criteria if you want to monetize the YouTube channel. As I have told you I will not monetize your channel until then. Unless you have 1000 subscribers.

 If you want your channel to be monetized quickly, then do not wait for 1000 subscribers because Buy YouTube Subscribers India and buy genuine youtube subscribers India, both of them are ready to provide you with 1000 subscribers at a very low price.

These subscribers will be provided to you by Rails and Genuine. After buying this you will see your channel grow very quickly for monetization


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