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How to Repair Corrupted BKF Files in Windows 10, 11 & Older Versions?

Do you need support to repair corrupted BKF files in Windows 10? Rest easy! This article includes many techniques for recovering corrupted BKF files. We must definitely investigate it.

The BKF file is among the most significant database files. It is essential for disaster recovery since it makes it possible to return any program’s whole database to how it was before the catastrophe. The NTBackup utility simultaneously creates all BKF files on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

However, customers sometimes ran into issues while trying to repair corrupted BKF files in Windows 10. For instance, when a BKF file was unavailable, broken, misplaced, etc. Sometimes users start looking for a quick fix for the corrupt BKF file issue that Microsoft repair caused.

This is taken into consideration when we provide manual and knowledgeable repairs for BKF files. You may learn how to repair corrupted BKF files in Windows 10 only by reading this page on its whole.

User Query;

“I need assistance! I need to open a 20 GB Windows backup file (a “BKF” file) in order to retrieve its information. My present problem is figuring out what to do. When I attempt to open the BKF file, it crashes. I’m using Windows 10, and I was hoping you could tell me how quickly I can restore a BKF file without having to start again. Thanks.”

Method 1: Using NTBackup Utility to Recover BKF Files Data

It is essential to be able to repair corrupted BKF files in Windows 10. However, Windows NT Backup might be used to try to fix the Windows backup file. Veritas Windows NTBackup / Backup Exec BKF files may be opened and repaired on Windows 10 with the help of the instructions provided here. The first step is as follows:

  1. To run NTBackup.exe with administrative privileges, you must first go to the folder containing the file.
  2. An alert about the “Removable Storage service” has been added to NTBackup’s current set of safety measures (removed in Windows Vista & higher). Click the OK button to proceed.
  3. When you press Next, the “Welcome to Backup or Restore” wizard will open.
  4. Next, choose the BKF files and preferences you want to restore, then hit the Next button.
  5. Next, choose the Browse button and go to the file you saved previously. In the state of Oklahoma, we
  6. When the desired location for the files has been shown in the left pane, you may proceed by clicking Next.
  7. Select “Advanced” from the primary menu to get access to the more complex settings.
  8. To copy your files to a new place, choose the Restore files menu item. After this, a decision on the next steps must be made.
  9. Choose the corrective measures here.
  10. To finish this task, Click on Next, then Finish

Limitations of Manual Methods

Due to the constraints of the previously mentioned manual method, restoring damaged BKF files might be challenging. We shall touch on a couple of them quickly here. Take a look at this for a minute:

  1. Manual processes are useless against the corruption of any significance beyond the most trivial levels.
  2. This is not a guarantee that a corrupted BKF file can be fixed or that data may be removed without consequence.
  3. There is no way to ensure data privacy. This might potentially lead to data corruption or loss.
  4. Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista are the only supported operating systems by Microsoft’s free backup and recovery tool. The feature is inaccessible to computers running Windows XP or older.
  5. This is a rather time-consuming procedure.
    Only machines with ntmsapi.dll and vssapi.dll installed will be able to use it.

Method 2: Using Automatic Solutions to Recover & Repair Corrupted BKF Files

In our world, as everyone knows, nothing comes for free. If you choose the manual process described above, you may end up losing a lot of data in the process. Yes, you can finally unwind. You may restore Windows Backup BKF files with the use of a specialized application. This free software does a great job of repair corrupted BKF files in Windows 10. In order to fix and recover data from damaged Windows backup files, this 4n6 BKF Repair Tool was developed.

There is an easy-to-grasp and straightforward user interface. That means even a computer beginner may use it to fix their damaged BKF files without any outside assistance. To ensure its functionality, download the free BKF software patch and apply it.

Note: If you want to know more about this topic, click this mentioned link and go to the official page: Extract Data from BKF Files

How to Use 4n6 BKF Repair Software?

  1. Firstly, Check out the official product page and then click on the download button to download & install this software
  2. Then, on the software’s control panel, choose the open button and drag the .bkf files in.
  3. After that, choose Extract from the Action menu that appears.
  4. Click on the Browse button for selecting the destination path and then hit the Save button
    repair corrupted BKF files in Windows 10

Short Features of BKF File Recovery Software

The convenient time-saving feature of the corrupt BKF file repair tool allows for the speedy repair corrupted BKF files in Windows 10. As a result, we will go through a couple of them in more detail below. Consider this.

  1. Rebuilds a damaged BKF file such that all of its data is whole again.
  2. BKF files that have been fixed using the BKF repair tool, along with those created by NtBackup and Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec, are recoverable.
  3. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 users may see ZIP files generated on any of those operating systems.
  4. After recovering from a corrupt Windows backup, the file names will appear.
  5. The recovered backup file will be in BKF format, and you may use the Quick Search function to locate particular text inside the file.


As the last step, having a backup of your data is crucial to maintaining a high standard in your line of work. However, if the backup file is lost or damaged, things become more complicated. Therefore, many methods to repair corrupted BKF files in Windows 10 have been included on this website. These two solutions make it possible for Windows 10 users to quickly and easily repair corrupted BKF files without erasing any data, patch a damaged Windows backup, and restore the file.

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