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What causes Clogged Pores?

Your skin imperfections make your appearance ugly. You hide these with makeup and it is not a proper solution. The worst thing ever your skin might experience is clogged pores.

Clogged pores

Although everyone has pores on the skin which have various functions to perform. These would help your skin breathe, bring nutrients to the skin, and a passage to clear the extra sebum from its surface.

Once your skin is producing the sebum in abundant quantity. The unwanted sebum is bound to release. That is why these pores allow the release of it. But sometimes this sebum is too much in quality that it will block your pores.

Along with the oil, your skin contains dirt and another sort of impurities. These impurities mix with the oil and block its openings. Your pores are now considered clogged pores. In general, you will notice a black tiny spot near your nose and forehead areas specifically. It is nothing but the clogged pores on nose and forehead even has the clogged pores.

If you delay clearing these out, then these will further cause you Whiteheads and blackheads. Also, your skin might break out.

Examining your clogged pores

Whenever you experience such changes in the skin, you are required to check the products you are using. More or less skin care products or makeup are the sources of formation of these skin issues. You are required to check for the Belle Cote Paris brand. The purpose of these is to cure your skin issues.

What causes clogged pores

  1. Sebum

As mentioned above, what encourages the blocking of your pores is the sebum. Usually, when a person reaches the age of maturity, he will experience these. Secondly, when your hormones disturb, these will make the tiny passages in your skin get blocked.

  1. Dead cells

Your skin undergoes the process of producing new cells are extracting the dead ones. Sometimes your dead skin cells would combine and dump at the entrances of your glands. This will cause it to block.

  1. Intensive use of products

If you are like the one who wants to exfoliate and cleanse their skin frequently. Then, you might have experienced these. You will notice that extreme exfoliation makes your skin dry by removing the necessary oil from the skin. Also, it will increase the removal of dead skin your dead skin which will settle in the pores. Eventually, making those blocks.

  1. Use of unsuitable ingredients

If you buy certain skin products and makeups you will find the harsh chemicals. Your skin will react reversely by blocking the tiny swellings.

  1. Age

When you are going through the aging process, your skin becomes saggy and dull. Similarly, it will reduce its tightness which causes the clogged pores on cheeks to look grow bigger. Your skin is unable to keep your follicles firm.

How to get rid of clogged pores?

It is never an easy job to clear your pores. With a great effort, you could be able to release the permanent junk from these. The foremost thought you get when you notice a black spot protruding up the skin, you will the desire to pinch it with your fingers.

Never do this act because this thing will only infect your pores as well the junk won’t come out as easily.

clogged pores

To switch to a better option use a pore extractor. It will do the job of extraction more effectively in a short time. But assure yourself, that it won’t fully extract the junk. Some of the impurities will remain at the back of the pores and these are never cleared out.

Another thing you can do is steaming. You have to take steam for a few minutes. It will help the pores to become soft and open up so that you can easily extract the impurities. You can even use the mud mask. The purpose of this mask is to do the scrubbing of skin and moisturize it afterward.

Unclog pores with Belle Cote Paris products

Belle Cote Paris is not just an ordinary brand for skincare. Rather, it helps you to choose the right and essential product for your skin issue. For example, for pores, you will find many different products that not only clear the pores but have other benefits too on your skin. Their esthetician suggests you follow up a set of routines for doing the skin care.

  • Organic seaweed exfoliator

You must use this exfoliator to scrub off the dead skin from its surface. It will make your skin tone even and clear. Also, it will leave behind hydrating skin. This brand has used marine collagen, acids, shea butter, etc.

  • Azelaic toner

This toner will perfectly, erase the oiliness from your skin. It will turn the pores into smaller ones. Next, it will discourage blackhead production. This toner is mainly made from azelaic acid and tea tree oil.

  • Marine volcanic mud cleanser

The phenomenon of this cleanser is to go deeper into the skin to the skin. It will then erase the impurities accumulated in your pores.  It mainly comprises marine volcanic mud, tea tree oil, peppermint extract, etc.


Pores exist naturally on your skin. But what makes them worse is their sizes and blockage. The clogged pores on face make your skin ugly. Therefore, you must use particular products on the skin to solve this issue. You can try Belle Cote Paris products for this purpose.

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