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Everything You Need to Know About Construction Drill

In the construction industry, drilling is the most common construction task. It is almost required in almost every next project from mining to oil and gas rigs. It is sometimes required in residential and commercial building constructions as well. For this purpose, the industry has several worthy equipment. In this article, you will know about the types and uses of drills so that you can choose the best one for your next project.

What is a construction drill?

A construction drill is like an excavation tool that helps in digging and drilling the ground. The size can range from hand-held to truck-sized. However, the construction drill is a large machine that carries out heavy-duty tasks on the job sites.

The construction drills have some basic components such as drills, shafts, and power sources. Sometimes they are equipped with stabilizing arms as well. The drills help in excavating the ground, the shaft helps in housing the drill whereas the power sources provide energy to operate the machine, as used backhoes get energy from the power supply.

Types of a construction drill

The construction drill may vary in type depending on different factors. Here are some common types of them.

  • Auger:

When you need to dig the ground deep down then this drill is the best fit as they are the rotatory drills that go deep into the ground and pull out the earth. It works best in soft soil.

  • Percussive:

when you need to drill in a hard surface like a rock, you can blindly opt for this drill. It gives you sharp cut efficiency and digs the ground in a few minutes. They are especially best for digging wells.

  • Tophammer:

This type of drill is used in making small diameters. You can use them in residential projects or the area where the soil is really soft and easy to dig.

  • Down the hole (DTH):

It helps in making large diameters even in the hardest rocks. The rotatory drill is a type of this down the hole drill.

  • Boom:

This drill gives you an adjustable arm so that you may easily adjust the angles according to the surface nature. They are best in mining projects.

When should you use a construction drill?

It is obvious that when you need the ground to excavate and dig deep then you may need a construction drill. However, some other projects need this equipment such as blasting (during mining), making foundations of residential and commercial buildings, installation of fencing and utility wires, and the most important when making a water well. 

The bottom line

The construction drill is powerful equipment like used backhoes, often used in construction projects. These drills help in excavating the ground. In a construction project when you need to dig deep down the ground, you can count on this wonder machine. They are available in different sizes and range from hand-held to large truck-sized. They are very helpful, especially in digging the water well, mining projects, fencing, utility installation, etc. read the article to know more about the construction drill.

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